What’s the Most Common Cause of Damaged Roof Shingles?

Damaged roof shingles are a common problem with roofs, and many homeowners aren’t that surprised to hear the most common cause is simply and always…weather.

Damaged roof shingles are a common occurrence after a major storm or another weather event, such as a freak tornado. If your roof shingles have been harmed, your roof has a greater chance of leaking, damaging the inside of your home and increasing the cost of repairs. Don’t wait to figure out whether or not you have damaged shingles; if you have experienced any of the following weather events, you most likely do:

Damaged Roof Shingles from Hail

Hail is known for damaging shingles. Even though your typical hail will usually bounce harmlessly off a house, larger chunks of hail can cause serious damage. Plus, even small hail can remove the granules that coat the tops of shingles, removing their protective factor against sun and rain.

Damaged Roof Shingles from Driving Rain

Driving rain also has the potential to significantly damage shingles. The combination of wind and rain is quite dangerous since the wind can lift and weaken shingles, while rain worms underneath and down through your roof into your home.

Damaged Roof Shingles from High Winds

High winds can damage roof shingles by:

    • Tearing them
    • Warping them
    • Curling them
    • Lifting them up

Any of these outcomes can lead to an exposed roof, which isn’t good, and over time may contribute to rain entering and leaking down through your upper story. This can result in mold, rot, and other poor outcomes.

Plus, keep in mind that severe weather can destroy more than shingles. It can also tear away chimney flashing or the protective metal pieces at the base of a chimney that keep water from leaking into your home, creating dangerous off-gassing and resulting in moisture and decay. It’s always important to get your roof inspected after a major storm to ensure you don’t have any such problems.

If your roof has missing or torn shingles after a severe bout of weather or you have damaged roof shingles from another cause, don’t wait to get them fixed. Improper shingling on your roof can lead to leakages and other types of damage inside your roof and your home as a whole, and it can end up being much more expensive in the long run.

Taking a proactive approach can minimize the damage and will ensure any problems don’t become worse overtime. It’s much better to be facing minor roof damage immediately after a storm than it is to deal with major repairs and structural damage because the roof damage was left alone for too long. Get in touch with a professional roofing company today to get the expert roof repair you need to protect your home and your wallet.

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