What’s Involved in Leaking Gutter Repair?

Leaking gutter repair might not be something you look forward to, but if you have gutter issues there are few things more important for your house’s welfare.

If you’re looking into leaking gutter repair, you’ve undoubtedly got a problem on your hands. Your gutter is responsible for keeping your rooftop and the foundation of your home free of standing water that could cause extensive damage. Not only is a leaky gutter incapable of doing its job properly, but it can lead to new problems over time as the leaks lead to water damage on and around the house.

Although older drainage systems might warrant an entirely new gutter installation, in most cases you should be able to get the issue repaired — assuming you hire the right people for the job.

Gutter Leaks Due to Holes

Holes can form in gutter systems after years of use, mainly through corrosion from water. When small quantities of water pool up in sections of gutter, they can rust through the material and create a hole. In some cases, an expert can fill these holes using a waterproof sealant or caulking. Other times, such as when a hole is especially large, it might be more practical to replace the section as a whole.

Leaks May Occur Because of Loose Gutter Fasteners

If the parts that keep the gutter fastened to the roof become loose, water might begin running over the edge. This runoff can flow out of the gutters and cause water damage, particularly to the fascia boards. The remedy for this type of leak is refastening the gutters again — it’s recommended to use a stronger fastener, to lessen the odds of the problem repeating itself in the future. However, if the fascia boards have too much deterioration due to the water damage, they’ll need replacement. The new fasteners won’t work if you’re using them to attach the gutters to wood rotted by moisture.

Gutter Issues May Arise from Cracks and Separated Joints

When water accumulates in parts of the gutter system where different sections come together, or where fasteners anchor everything to the house, cracks can form instead of holes. These cracks can form separations that lead to serious leaks, and eventually, could cause entire sections of the gutter to deteriorate. Joints are another common site for pooled water and debris, in addition to being one of the most vulnerable parts of a gutter system. Like holes, caulk or sealant can sometimes repair cracks, but bigger separations might need much more. Joint issues may call for replacement parts, but this depends on the severity of the leak. In any case, the most important thing is to get the leaks fixed in a way that ensures they won’t end up returning. To do this, you’ll need a reliable provider.

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