What’s the Secret to Roof Insurance Coverage?

If roof insurance coverage confuses you, you’re not alone. Luckily, answers are within reach.  

The subject of roof insurance coverage can seem complicated, especially for someone who doesn’t have experience with it. To make matters worse, often you’ll only feel pressed to understand it if you’re already in something of a bind. It can be quite frustrating to find yourself in need of roof repairs, without any real understanding of what your insurance can do for you. Keep reading for a look at some important elements worth keeping in mind when it comes to roof insurance policies.

It Begins with an Insurance Adjustor

Your insurance company will send an inspector to assess the damage to your roof. The problems must result from something covered by your policy. Otherwise, you would need to cover the cost of repairs yourself. If the damage is clearly the result of a covered issue, the adjustor will determine how much repairs should cost. You can get your own estimate, but the insurance company will have the final say on how much the job should cost. If your roofer’s price goes over that amount, you’ll need to pay the difference as well as the deductible.

Roof Repair or a New Roof? It Depends on the Damage

Unfortunately, when it comes to insurance payouts, you won’t often have much choice. Regardless of whether you want an entirely new roof, the insurance company will only pay whatever is necessary to return your roof to the condition it was in before the damages occurred. However, if the damage was extensive enough, this could mean a new roof. This would be the case only if all the damage happened as a result of an incident covered by your policy.

What’s the Roofer’s Role in the Insurance Process?

Your roofing contractor will look at the insurance company’s estimate and decide if the funding is worthwhile enough for them to take on the job. A roofer that offers to do everything for far less might be planning to cut corners. Always make sure you’ve got a reputable, trustworthy provider so you can avoid these pitfalls. If they accept the job, they’ll perform the repairs and submit their bills, before receiving the deductible from you as well as the rest of the funds from the insurance company.

At Cornerstone Roofing, we work with all major insurers, and we’re ready to help you better understand the claims process. Regardless of the causes of your roof damage, we can get the job done!

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