Wind Damage

Roof repair due to wind damage in Cumming, GA is becoming more and more common. And whether you believe in the theory of global warming or think the world is just experiencing a periodic change in weather cycles, the current pattern of increased storm activity is proof enough that ignoring roof maintenance is a game of chance you’ll probably lose.

Hurricane, tornado, or just an ordinary thunderstorm, all carry one common denominator: wind, the most damaging element that threatens your roof because it breaks through your roof’s defenses. It pulls up loose roofing, rips gutters from the eaves, finds its way around torn or missing shingles, tears open deteriorating flashing, and lets the storm inside. Once indoors, the roof’s structure often gives way if the roof has not been secured correctly, and once the roof is gone, the contents of the building are exposed to rain and water damage and the people inside will be as soaked as their possessions.

Wind Damage Roof Repair

Cornerstone Roofing recommends an ounce of prevention when defending your home against Georgia storms: one easy phone call to our company results in a thorough inspection by a qualified, GAF certified, licensed and insured Cumming, GA area roofer.

We’ll check the way your roof covering is secured, including counting the number of nails or screws used and how far apart they are spaced. We’ll look at your bracing, under layering, sheeting, and check for structural damage. Whether you need your gutters attached more securely or your roof needs additional structural support hurricane tie-downs, we’ll advise you on ways your home or place of business can be better protected against storm damage.

While preventative measures can keep out most storms, some are just too powerful and overwhelm a home. Cornerstone Roofing is familiar with how roofing insurance claims work and is experienced with the process. We will guide you and offer valuable advice on how to present your claim in the best way.

Repairing or replacing vulnerable areas of your roof may also improve attics with inadequate ventilation.

For Cumming, GA roofing needs, call Cornerstone Roofing in Forsyth County. We understand and comply with all Forsyth County area building codes, easily passing county and city inspections.

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